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Play in Southern Arizona

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spa fitness  Prepare to enjoy numerous Tucson and Southern Arizona recreational activities during your visit to Lodge on the Desert. And definitely plan to relax at the intimate and contemporary Lodge pool area, immediately east of the Hacienda.

If lounging poolside isn’t for you, how about a leisurely or competitive game of croquet? It’s a grand solo, couples or family activity. And it’s complimentary at Lodge on the Desert! Simply sign out the croquet set located at the front desk anytime and head for one of our lush lawn areas! When finished, simply return and sign in the set and you’ll be on your way!

Golf may just be one of the greatest drivers of leisure guests to Tucson.

Among other guest favorites are hiking, biking, bird watching, astronomy, caving or exploring the plants and animals of our Arizona Sonoran desert. And shopping counts as a recreational pursuit unto itself in Tucson, too!

Nature enthusiasts revel in the area’s many outdoor possibilities. Tucson’s mild weather and wide range of scenery makes Southern Arizona a favorite destination.

Hiking is one of the most exciting ways to explore the magic of the Southwest. Discover the awe inspiring desert landscapes and wildlife. Test your skills in steep, rugged canyons. Or just wander about the city and immerse yourself in Tucson’s many fabulous historic and arts districts. From pleasant urban walks to rugged canyon hikes Southern Arizona has countless spectacular trails for every level.

On the trail or on the road, Tucson is a top biking destination. Whether training for a long road race, looking for exciting new mountain challenges or enjoying leisurely rides with the family, Tucson is perfect for biking fun. There are hundreds of miles of bike-friendly roads and dozens of trails from easy to highly technical. In fact, Tucson has been ranked by Bicycling magazine as one of the top cycling cities in the U.S. And with the region’s mild climate and mostly sunny skies, almost every day is perfect for a ride any time of year.

With over 250 species in our widely varied environments, Southern Arizona is a birder’s paradise. Located along the migratory path between Canada and Mexico, Southern Arizona is one of the best bird-watchingareas in the United States. A wide variety of species can be observed all year long although the hummingbirds are especially plentiful. Several communities host birding festivals during peak migration times.

Discover the incredible variety of plants and animals that have adapted to Southern Arizona’s unique ecosystem. Visitors expecting to see desolate wastelands full of sand dunes are often surprised to find the desert lush and teeming with life. Everywhere you look you’ll see an amazing variety of plants and animals specially adapted to their very unique habitat. And that’s just on the desert floor. A short drive up nearby Mt. Lemmon takes you through seven different eco-systems from a desert environment to Ponderosa Pine forests typical of Canada. In the spring, the desert becomes a spectacular carpet of color from flourishing wildflowers and blooming cactus.

If astronomy is your passion, you may tour some of the world’s most-respected observatories and enjoy the same great viewing as the pros. Southern Arizona has some of the clearest skies in the U.S. and about 350 nights of viewing a year. Some of the world’s most-respected observatories await. You’ll easily learn why Southern Arizona has earned the title “Astronomy Capital of the World.”

Southern Arizona has visitor interests covered from top to bottom; from the starry skies to the underground. If you’ve always been fascinated by caves, there are two premier area options to hold your interest.

As if all that isn’t enough, there’s snow sports on Mt. Lemmon from mid-December to early April! That’s right – snow sports. Just over an hour’s drive from Tucson. Here you’ll find 21 runs that make it a delightfully unexpected destination for snow sports enthusiasts. Check it out:

Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley
10300 Ski Run Rd.
Mt. Lemmon, AZ 85619

For those who choose to pursue a bit more passive (not that that’s a bad thing) recreational pursuit, Tucson is home to no less than 25 day spas.

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