Step Down the Hallway and Back in Time

If our walls could talk, they’d tell a true wild-west adventure story. The legend of Lodge On The Desert is a Tucson classic, over 80 years in the making. Today it combines the authenticity of the Old Pueblo blended with modern Southwest charm.

What began as a private family residence in the middle of the Tucson Desert has evolved into a premier resort destination—with all its iconic allure intact. Old-western movie stars dating from the late 1930s frequented the Lodge of the Desert’s sought-after accommodations, a private getaway from the high-profile film sets nearby. Classic movies starring John Wayne, Ingrid Bergman, Jimmy Stewart, Paul Newman and many more brought film stars and crew through our doors, who relaxed in the same suites and public spaces available today.

Slowly but surely, the city of Tuscon grew around this desert oasis, turning it into a true landmark in the heart of the city. While completing extensive contemporary renovations over time, we’ve carefully preserved the vintage features of the hotel’s southwest legacy. Many of the rooms showcase original tile work, fixtures and décor for a revealing throwback to another era.